The olivo tree

Origins of the olive tree go back far away in history. It is a millennial tree which crop was thoroughly spread out all over the Mediterranean area, all around Europe, Africa and Middle East. It was quite relevant for the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs. Its cultivation expansion to America was produce don the 16th Century, thanks to the Spanish colonists.
Olive was firstly used to get oil from it, however, there are references from the 1st Century in which its direct consumption is highlighted. In the case of the famous writings of Columena, where the gaditan man gathered different preparation tabel olives ways: brine, dressed with fennel, with lentisc leaves and vinegar, etc.

Table olive has been an important food inside the Mediterranean diet. The preparation at an industrial level of the first table olives in Spain “green to the sevillian style”, had started at the end of the 19th Century in Andalucia and Extremadura regions.

Since then, Spain had lead the World markets, concerning to volume production and commercialization.

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