SANMER Olives is a family company located in Valle del Jerte, north of the province of Cáceres, birthplace of the olive variety manzanilla cacereña, this variety has high quality for olive oil and table olives, with highlights for black olives.

Sánchez family, started the activity in 1960 with an oil mill. In the late 60's, the main activity of the company shifted to table olives, developing all kinds of styles of olives, green sevillana, machada, Campo Real, natural and black. In 1975, SANMER is born (SANMER stands for SANchez MERino), focusing on black olives. It's aim is to produce quality olives with variety manzanilla cacereña, fruit suitable for this type of preparation of olives.

Thanks to many years working in the sector, we have a great experience. On the other hand, from its origins, which has led the Sanchez family was to obtain a high quality product, avoiding monstrous productions, from the beginning the goal was clear, an olive with a perfect taste. We managed to unite both the experience and passion for quality with the most modern industrial processes, through which we have obtained an excellent and recognized in all markets products. Proof of this are the many official awards who we have received over the years.